Why You Should Join Mitr Sewa

Why You Should Join Mitr Sewa

Since when the covid hit the country, the economy has fallen drastically. Due to various restrictions, the small and medium scale industries have to suffer a lot. According to reports, the MSME sector is one of the worst-hit sectors due to covid. Various people have lost their jobs due to the permanent shutdown of the industries they were working in.

And today, unemployment and economic crisis are the other two significant issues faced by the country. We are sailing through one of the most challenging times of human history. And even during these difficult times, Mitr Sewa is one organization that is continuously working towards making people more financially independent and self-dependent.

Since its inspection, one objective that fuels the people at Mitr Sewa is to provide help, guidance, and support to the most isolated and secluded section of society to live a dignified life.

Mitr Sewa has incorporated various beneficial programs to increase employment among the country’s youth to achieve this.

The team organized various training sessions on different occasions to educate people about the services and the benefits that they can drive from Mitr Sewa.

Most training sessions are in the form of webinars and are conducted by our CMD, sir. Anyone can benefit from them without paying any fees.

Exclusive sessions are also organized for our Mitr Sewak or Field Executive, where various tips and tricks are shared on how to increase their sales and profits.

Various offline sessions are also organized at multiple Mitr Sewa offices, implementing all covid precautions.

Apart from training, various other benefits make Mitr Sewa a great organization to get an association with. Some of its distinctive features are

  1. Large Network: The Mitr Sewa has large networks of associates spanning throughout India. We have associates from Jammu & Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Due to this vast network, you get access to products from various companies.
  2. Static Tie-Ups: Due to our strategic alliances with various sector leaders, you can provide world-class services to your customers. Meaning every time, a happy customer who will boost your income.
  3. Developed Infrastructure: We have a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals. These professionals have vast experience in their field. It is due to them we have developed our state of the art infrastructure.
  4. Great Commission Rate: Mitr Sewa is all about providing maximum benefits to its associated members. Therefore the commissions’ rates provided on our various services are the best in the market.
  5. National Pension Scheme: One of the main reasons to join mitr Sewa is, of course, its commission rates. But Mitr Sewa is beyond business. It is more like one big family, and we at Mitr Sewa take care of our family members. Therefore while providing them with various other benefits and business opportunities, we also care for their future. Hence, we open NPS accounts for our Mitr Sewak and Field Executives.
  6. Vocal for Local: Through our e-commerce platform, we support small help groups, or manufacturers, by providing total technical and marketing funds to sell their goods to customers across the country at no extra cost.

    If you still have any questions regarding Mitr Sewa services, feel free to contact us. Our customer support team will be happy to serve you and will also provide all the required information.